Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We are so completely grateful, humbled and astonished at the success of the first “Conduct This!” auction to benefit Sixten’s Foundation. We received approximately 40 musical instruments, musical items and related services, generously donated by people like you, and often complete strangers to this foundation and our family. Once they were posted on eBay, the bidding was fast, furious and determined, and the foundation raised approximately $30,000! Again, wow!

By way of a brief background, Sixten’s Foundation was established to provide improved education for children with cerebral palsy and related disabilities through conductive education. Our mission is to make conductive education available in public school systems such as what we’ve done in Prince George’s County, Maryland. This pilot program is running now through the 2008-2009 school year and has been funded by Sixten’s Foundation. The costs for the first year, including bringing specialized conductive education instructor Robert Demeter to the United States from the Peto Institute in Hungary, will exceed $75,000 -- so we’re halfway there.

We wanted to let you know for many of the items, we had to set reserve prices we felt were fair to the bidders, the donors of the items and services and the foundation. It would have been difficult, and inappropriate, for us to sell the items too inexpensively. We hope you understand.

That said, if you bid on an item and it did not reach the reserve, please do not hesitate to contact us at sixtensfoundation@gmail.com with an offer. We promise you we will seriously consider all reasonable offers. The items that remain unsold will we reposted in another auction probably in the spring. If you did successfully bid on an item, we are finalizing the auction now and will be contacting you about final shipping charges and payment.

Again, thank you again for your enthusiastic support. If you weren’t in the market for anything we had to offer through the auction and still want to help, please consider making a donation through our PayPal account here. We still have plenty of work to do.

Best regards,

Robert Kurz and Anna Helm Kurz
Sixten’s Parents

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