Monday, May 26, 2008

International Society of Bassist Members Show Support!

Imagine how surprised and grateful we feel when we see such a generous outpouring of support from my fellow members (and friends) from within the International Society of Bassists (ISB)!

ISB members from around the world (literally!) have sent us words of support, donations and perhaps most surprisingly, input and knowledge they have of Conductive Education and what it can do to help children with cerebral palsy and other neuro-muscular disorders.

A Special Thank You must go to ISB Executive Director Madeleine Crouch for helping us to spread the word to our valued group of colleagues about our important project.

We continue to work on our important fundraising goal to launch this important pilot program to bring Conductive Education into public schools, but you are making it feel more realistic and achievable. We will be providing updates here regularly on this website. Thank you for your very generous and tremendous support!

Robert Kurz

Anna Helm Kurz

Sixten Helm Kurz

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