Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Conduct This! Sixten’s Foundation Charity Musical Instrument Auction

Sixten’s Foundation is excited and pleased to announce its Conduct This! Charity Musical Instrument Auction.

From December 8 through December 15, you will be able to bid on remarkable stringed musical instruments such as basses and violins along with bows, lessons, services and accessories generously donated by friends and supporters of Sixten’s Foundation.

Companies like Keiffer’s Violins, Amati Fine Instruments and Kolstein Music have put their music where their mouth is and donated these instruments and other items to Sixten’s Foundation. You will be able to bid on these items, and the proceeds will benefit the foundation and its efforts to help children with cerebral palsy and similar conditions have a better chance at a healthier and happier future.

Check back here soon for updates on the website address of the auction and full descriptions of the items. And remember, the auction ends on December 15, so there will be plenty of time to know if you won and to have the items you successfully bid on delivered to you in time for the holidays. Thank you, and more soon!

Robert and Anna