Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Conductive Education Instructor - Job Position Employment Opening

Sixten’s Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization with the mission to incorporate Conductive Education programs into public school systems throughout the United States. (www.sixten.org)

Working the with Prince George’s County Public School system in Prince George’s County, Maryland, the foundation has successfully completed a Conductive Education pilot program for a class of children with cerebral palsy during the 2008 – 2009 school year.

Prince George’s County Public Schools has notified us that it wishes to continue a Conductive Education program indefinitely, and a certified Conductive Education instructor is needed for the 2009 – 2010 school year. This is an as-of-yet unadvertised position, and we encourage qualified and interested conductors to contact us about the application procedure, job requirements, compensation package and relevant dates.

About the Prince George’s County Public School System
Prince George's County Public Schools in Maryland is the 2nd largest school district in the state of Maryland and 18th largest in the United States guiding more than 140,000 students. Pay is competitive and would be commensurate with experience. According to official Prince George’s County information, the current salaries are, for a 10 month teaching position and teacher with 10 years of experience with only a bachelor's degree (B.S. or B.A.) would start at $54,863 with full benefits and retirement, bachelor's degree plus 30 would start at $57,446 and bachelor's plus 45 or masters would start at $60,143. With 20 years of experience a teachers with only a bachelor's would start at $58,148 with full benefits and retirement, bachelor's plus 30 would start at $76,826, and bachelor's plus 45 or masters would start at $80,436. Please note: candidates with far less than the 10 year experience example cited here are encouraged to apply. We have not heard of any minimum experience requirement with the proper certification.

Successful candidate must be a Conductive Education Teacher with a minimum of a four-year degree from a qualified Conductive Education educational program such as those offered by the Peto Institute in Budapest, University of Birmingham England or Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Under most situations, this Conductive Education accreditation will suffice as the “bachelor's degree” requirement in Special Education required by the State of Maryland in order to be hired and certified as a Conductive Education/Special Education Teacher. We can help clarify this further.

Additionally, In order to be certified, one must take and pass the Praxis I and Praxis II exams. Praxis exams are scheduled for July 25, 2009, so anyone interested will have to start registering for these exams as soon as possible! (We apologize for the short notice. News of the continuation of the program just reached us.)

Here is a link to information on the Praxis Exams. Exam registration and testing costs for qualified applicants will be reimbursed by Sixten’s Foundation, Inc. upon acceptance of the position by the candidate with Prince George’s County Public Schools.

For further information, contact Robert Kurz, President, Sixten’s Foundation, Inc. at 301.805.9406 or through bobbasses@aol.com.

Please pass this information along to anyone whom you feel might be interested.