Monday, April 20, 2009

“Steps for Sixten” … A Clarification

Sixten’s Foundation is delighted with remarkable response we’ve received from everyone looking to support us through our “Steps for Sixten” fun run and race scheduled for May 9 at the National Harbor. We wanted to take a moment, however, to clarify some details related to the event.

Some of the initial promotional materials may have given the impression that “Steps for Sixten” was a part of the Riverfront Revolution 10K, 5K, 1 Mile Fun Run, and Health & Wellnessfest event. This is NOT accurate. “Steps for Sixten” participants will simply be participating in the planned Riverfront Revolution event at National Harbor as part of our fundraiser initiative. You are still required to register through, but Sixten’s Foundation and Steps for Sixten is not in any way affiliated with the Riverfront Revolution event.

So wear your Sixten’s Foundation or “Steps for Sixten” t-shirts hats and buttons if you have them, get your sponsors signed up beforehand, and we’ll see you on May 9 at the National Harbor. Remember, this is the Riverfront Revolution event, and Mr. Greg Taylor of that organization has kindly allowed us to walk or run with his Riverfront Revolution participants.