Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Music to Our Ears: Company Supports Sixten's Foundation. Can yours?

Sixten’s Foundation has been the beneficiary of a corporate fund raising effort by the area musical instrument company Prodigy Instruments (www.prodigyinstruments.com). Earlier this year, Prodigy Instruments announced that it would donate 5% of its sales during the program, and Sixten's Foundation is now in receipt of its first contribution -- a check of over $1,000. (Learn more here: http://www.prodigyinstruments.com/donate_to_sixten.asp)

One of the owners of Prodigy Instruments is Robert Kurz. He is also the president of Sixten's Foundation and the father of the foundation's namesake Sixten, the boy at the center of and the inspiration for the foundation and its mission to improve the lives of children like him. Robert and his business partner Mike Lindvall decided Sixten's Foundation was a natural beneficiary for their efforts. Prodigy Instruments has long been involved with philanthropic endeavors that have benefited the community including the Prodigy Instrument's Philharmonic Donation Project. Read more about that important program here: http://www.prodigyinstruments.com/Donate_To_An_Orchestra.asp

Do you have a company, large or small, that might be able to help Sixten's Foundation with a similar program? If you would like to talk to Robert about it, he would be happy to hear from you. It isn't difficult to establish, and such a program may even help you to increase sales. We will certainly help you to promote it here and among the outreach we have with our extensive and interested mailing lists. Please give Robert a call at Prodigy Instruments at 301.805.9407.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued interest in and support of Sixten's Foundation!

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