Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good Luck, John Deasy. And Thanks.

In considering the impact Prince George’s County Public Schools superintendant John Deasy made to education during his tenure here in Maryland, it may be an historic class of children with cerebral palsy who will most benefit.

It was John Deasy who, with his vision and generosity of time and spirit, ushered in the pilot program that made conductive education an option for these children with severe physical and mental learning disabilities.

From the beginning, Dr. Deasy listened to what the parents of these children had to say and opened the doors to the school district, literally and figuratively, to this important educational curriculum. He demonstrated remarkable insight in looking past the status quo when it came to improving how these children learn. By rallying support within the school district from the top down to join the enthusiastic parents working from the bottom up, he cultivated the healthy and successful conductive education program now serving as a national model in Prince George’s County. Because of Dr. Deasy and the supportive educators and administrators working with him, this district is now responsible for some of the area’s most challenged students learning and wanting to learn beyond what was previously available to them.

The Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation is fortunate to have you join them. Please know that Sixten’s Foundation and its friends and supporters wish you the best of luck with your new vocation. We are not sure we will ever be able to adequately thank you for positively affecting the future of so many children, but know that what you did will always remain in our hearts and minds.

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