Thursday, August 6, 2009

IN THE NEWS! Sixten's Foundation and Conductive Education Featured on Washington, D.C. ABC T.V. Network Affiliate

Sixten's Foundation is excited to announce that it has been featured on Washington, D.C.'s ABC Network television affiliate Channel 9.

The segment, in the works for some time, features Sixten Helm Kurz, the Prince George's County Public Schools, Anna Helm (Sixten's mom and Sixten's Foundation co-founder and vice president)and the pilot program the foundation has been working so hard to implement.

It should be noted that the segment wraps up with a statement implying that Prince George's County Public Schools is looking for funding for the position. This is not entirely accurate. We have received a commitment from them if we can locate a qualified Conductive Education instructor who can pass the necessary testing to get in place.

Please enjoy the segment, and if you are or know of a qualified Conductive Education instructor interested in being part of a groundbreaking program here, please contact Sixten's Foundation President Robert Kurz at The compensation package is very attractive.

Thank you!

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